Mike Doria

After having spent a decade and a half teaching English Communication Skills, I’ve decided that it was time to reach out and share my knowledge to a greater learning audience.  Moreover, my back-to-freelancing status has allowed me the space and time to avail of the benefits of the internet thus, the creation of several blogs. And of all the blog hosting sites, WordPress seemed to be most appropriate for the purpose I had in mind. Three blog posts later, I not only find the medium to be most efficient but also surprisingly effective in my being able to draw feedback from readers both in and outside of WordPress.com. I foresee this to be a long-term symbiotic relationship with the popular website.

I have thus far created four (4) WordPress blogs, each with a distinct objective.

The first of which, bpoenglish.wordpress.com, centers on issues regarding English Training in the burgeoning Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines. Its contents derived mainly from the more than 4 years I spent as an English Communication Specialist in one of the top call centers in the country.

I found it appropriate to open a blog that helps clarify the title I chose to go by, thus communicationskillsoptimization.wordpress.com was born. It offers the reader the most general scope of the subject and therefore targets a much wider audience than the other blogs. Virtually anyone could relate to its material.

I also wanted to have a portal specifically for sharing my thoughts on news articles whose subjects are relevant to English communication. For this, I opened theobserverinsights.wordpress.com.

Lastly, I felt I needed to have a portal for readers to know more about the author of my articles. Mikedoria.wordpress.com was created for this purpose. In this blog, I will try as best as I can  to give the professional behind the name ‘Mike Doria’ as vivid a personality as I can in order to connect better with you.

Please feel free to leave your comments to my blog articles. Or follow my blogs and add it to your feed. I am hoping you will find the entire experience of reading through Mike Doria’ blogs valuable to your understanding human communication and its significant role in your business, professional, and personal life.

Wecome to Mike Doria’s WordPress blogs. Enjoy reading!

Mike Doria

Communication Skills Specialist