* What value can I derive out of working with a Knowledge Consultant?


Q: What does a Knowledge Consultant do?

A: A Knowledge Consultant provides solutions to knowledge-related needs in areas such as knowledge management, data and information analysis, training and development, research and development, and performance management, among others.

Q: What is it that you do as a Knowledge Consultant?

A:  I provide knowledge-related services using a consultative approach. Having come from a wide background in communication skills training, my main focus is on knowledge communication, facilitation, and development, all of which have directly to do with training, education, and learning, in general. As such, I cater to both business and the academe as well as various types of organizations and individual clients. (Because of my background, “Knowledge Facilitation Consultant” may seem to be a more apt work title. However, I find it limiting since I go beyond the scope of knowledge facilitation.  Hence, the preference for the more general title of “Knowledge Consultant”.)


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