Communication Skills Consultant

Communication Skills Consultant

[independent professional]
September 2010 – December 2013 (3 years 4 months)Manila, Philippines

I offered consultative services to various companies whose businesses rely heavily on customer or client interaction by providing innovative approaches to understanding the human dynamics of verbal communication.

My services included English Communication Skills Training and Development ranging from Communication Needs Profiling, Competency and Performance Assessment, Learning Content Recommendation, Training the Trainer, and Program Evaluation.

With more than 14 years experience teaching English Skills in both the academic and the corporate environments, I have become an expert at evaluating communication performance and assessing communication competence in all forms and contexts.

If you are…

…an English Teacher, Professor, or Instructor needing an industry-immersed resource speaker for language or communication skills,

…a school administrator aiming to give more focus on improving the communication skills of your students and staff,

…an owner, operator, manager, or supervisor of an English training center, review center, recruitment center, manpower services, etc. needing consultative advice on English facilitation and assessment skills of your personnel,

…a director, manager, supervisor working in a BPO or KPO company (call center, medical or legal transcription, abstraction, etc.) needing someone who can fix issues regarding your employees’ English communication skills,

…an entrepreneur wanting to put up a company, business or school that involves English communication skills,

…a professional speaker, lecturer, host, writer, blogger, public official, or public personality who wants to further enhance the way you connect and impact your audience,

…give me a nudge.

For your communication S.O.S. needs, contact Mike Doria. I’m here to help.


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