Knowledge Consultant

[independent professional]

January 2014 – Present

Manila, Philippines

After spending more than a decade and a half teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring a wide range of learners in diverse learning environments, both as a regular employee and as an independent professional, I have found my calling.

I have very strong analytical, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills; an exceptional capacity for abstract thinking; and passion for knowledge, communication, and innovation. I also equip myself with up-to-date understanding of societal issues and trends and their effects on human knowledge, learning, and communicative behavior.

Knowledge has become the single most valuable commodity there is. I help people and organizations improve the way they understand, process, disseminate, facilitate, generate, and create knowledge so they can optimize its usefulness. Please feel free to browse through my profile to know more about me and what I do. Should you have any queries or simply want to discuss some relevant matters, do not hesitate to message me. I will be glad to engage you in fruitful discussion.


As a Knowledge Consultant, I help organizations and individuals find ways to optimize their effectiveness in assessing, sourcing, understanding, analyzing, communicating, processing, and utilizing knowledge in their business, profession, education, as well as personal affairs.



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