English Professor

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Assumption College

June 2005 – November 2005

Makati City , Philippines


I taught Oral Communication Skills to Business Management sophomores and prepared them for oral communication functions needed at work.


English Professor

June 2005 – November 2005 (6 months)Department: English Department
Supervisor: Prof. Laarni Bautista
Course/Subject: Oral Communication
Student Demographic: 2nd Year Business Management

Course Content (a self-developed intensive training on specific communication skills):

  • Conversation Skills [context: Business PR]: establish chemistry and rapport with potential business partners.
  • Art of Asking Questions 1 [contexts: Survey]: gather pertinent information from clients
  • Art of Asking Questions 2 [contexts: Job Interview]: impress job interviewer
  • Conflict Management [context: Customer Service]: answer inquiries and address needs of customers/clients
  • Persuasive Speech [context: Selling a Product or Service]: make a sale
  • Group Discussion [context: Task Force Management]: moderate a business group meeting
  • Communicating with an Audience [context: Lecture]: arouse audience interest
  • Conducting Presentations [context: Board Report]: present a final report to board members and defend data presented
  • Delivering Speeches [context: Public Speech]: affect the audience positively with a passionate message

Number of students: 27

Course duration: 19 weeksResult: dramatic improvement in students’ communication performance

* I was given recognition as one of The Top Ten Professors for SY 2005


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