English Communications Specialist

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Sykes, Asia

September 2006 – September 2010

Pasig City, Philippines


I coordinated closely with Operations officers in analyzing performance-based issues related to the communication skills of agents and officers of various positions and effectively addressed these through the creation and implementation of various mechanisms that were designed to develop their communication skills in the target language.


English Communication Specialist

September 2006 – September 2010 (4 years 1 month)Division: Performance Management Group and Administration
Department: English Communication Department
Group Objective: ensure high standards of English communication competence are maintained in the                                             company

Assigned Accounts :

    [main]: AT&T (RAS, MHO, PSE, BVOIP, MIS, MRS-EVPN, AVTS, MDNS-OOB, DSLm, DSLp, GCS, DVS,                                 CMS, etc.)
                    Expedia (Sales)
                    Success Factors
                    True Credit (TUI)
                    Organizational Development Group (HR, Recruitment, Admin, etc.)
[secondary]: Emerson
                                etc.Support Type: Inbound

                              Technical Support
  •      Account Profiling & Language Requirement Tagging (in coordination with Recruitment
  •      Communication Skills Assessment and Evaluation
  •      Consultation & Coordination (training needs analysis, project management and coordination,                 etc)
  •      Resource Development and Provision (Language Center Management, Program Development,                Materials Management, etc.)
  •      English Communication Training and Development (Language Skills, Performance Auditing,                    Language Skills Facilitation Training, Presentation Skills Training, etc)
  •      Language Performance Auditing

Some ECD Programs Delivered:

  • Pre-Hire Training
  • EBW (Effective Business Writing)
  • C3P (Call Center Communication Program)
  • NEXUS program
  • etc.

Some Original Work:

  • Operation CAPRICORN
  • Call Library Template
  • the 3D Scorecard
  • L-PAT program
  • The Language Clinic
  • WPCS Audit
  • etc.


  •      Most Creative English Specialist (2007-2008) (3-time awardee)
  •      Most Professional English Specialist
  •      Conceptualized, developed, organized, and hosted the highly successful English Congress 2010

Seminars and Trainings Attended:

  •      English Language Assessment in the BPO Industry (with Dr. Jane Lockwood)
  •      Training Program Development and Methodology (under Trina Llona)
  •      Project Management (under Peter Sison)
  •      Sykes Global Certification for English Professionals (under Francis Martinez)
  •      Basic and Advanced Excel Training (under Ollie Sanggalang)

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  1. We had some interesting times training those kids, eh? 🙂

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