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I created this wordpress site to provide you an overview of who I am as well as what I do as a professional. In it you will find a comprehensive description of my work history, educational background, etcetera. Feel free to browse the tabs and their respective contents to get a better understanding of Mike Doria, the professional.

Would you like to connect with me? Click on the links below to visit any of my online professional profiles:

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If you’d like to know my views on certain topics, news, and issues, login to LinkedIn (or any of the above sites) and check out my posts under my profile page.  For short blurbs and comments, check out my microblog posts at passle.net for general issues surrounding knowledge and meddle.it for specific knowledge-related issues.

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And for their full article counterparts, visit my memit.com and mosaichub.com accounts.

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Feel free to leave your comments and queries in any of those I mentioned or below this page.

Mike Doria
Knowledge Consultant

P.S.     Follow me at so.cl, Microsoft’s social networking site, and feel free to visit my seshn.com blog for my insights and reflections on my work as a freelance consultant.

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—  Mike


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